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Sunday, May 23, 2010

i guess this is progress.

finally found the time/forced myself to finish the rendering on the oil rub i'm doing for my mom's belated mom's day gift & i laid down the oil & rubbed out the highlights.

&& some more grafitti. && sketches soon to come of my up in coming oil painting for my "catch me when you fall" series.

oh yeah & btw. i've regeistered for RTist.com sooo uhmmm. . visit my profile & support the erica's bank account fund. ;] buy a painting please & thanks? http://rtist.com/index.php/public_profile/artist/1458

Friday, May 14, 2010

More graffiti & the start of something hopefully awesome?

so the only thing that's new are these graffiti art for the bf & then i took a picutre of just the beginning sketch of the oil rub i'm doing for my mom as belated mom's day gift. :> i'm hoping it comes out nice. :P
love, erica.
p.s. & because jaun raza mentioned it, i'll fix the layout of my blog hopefully soon. oh yeah & take & upload pix of my last couple paintings/illustrations. :3

Saturday, May 8, 2010

best graffiti yet maybe? :>

i'm pretty proud of this one. i mean, it's not the best. i def coulda cleaned it up more. the hands suck. but i just really liked it for some reason. :3
for my baby, duh.

p.s. i'm taking pics of my end of semester artwork tomorrow, so be sure to look for those pictures coming soon. ;]

Thursday, May 6, 2010

princess gets he man & a kiss.

Here's the second part to my Princess Erica graffiti illustrations. If only my drawings could come to life. Well. . . maybe not all my illustrations, that'd be a bit scary, but i definitely wouldn't mind being a Princess w/ a giant flying panda that I can ride all the way back to Sarasota just so i can see my boyfriend & get a kiss. How awesome does that sound??? super awesome if you ask me. :3

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goals, Graffiti, & ohmyGOD i love my dad's bbq steak!

With the end of the spring '10 semester, I've been left with a couple closing thoughts to the school year which are as followed:
  • i really need to get my shit together & throw together my resume & portfolio 'cus i need a new job pronto. working as mickey mouse's slave inside the magic kingdom is no longer as fun as it was 3 years ago when i was young & naive & didn't know any better. disneyworld is the happiest place on earth, except for its employees. lol.
  • i don't want to go home and stay in kissimmee, fl. all summer long as much as i did last year. more than likely because i have a reason to stay behind in boring old sarasota this year & that reason being my bf, will, for which these next 2 facebook graffiti art was to.
With that said, I also came up with a couple goals for myself this summer which are as
  • keep up & maintain this art blog so that on all my resumes & applications i refer them to this website. looking to post up process work, sketchbooks, and finished pieces up on here for all to see.
  • in order to prepare myself for next semester's computer illustration class, i'm trying to do this Facebook graffiti art a day thing to help me get used to my precious intuos 3 wacom tablet and to get used to rendering things digitally. :> which i guess explains the purpose of these 2 images up above. it's fun, easy, fast, and at the same time i'm getting more used to making simple computer illustrations. :D yay! multi-tasking skills GO!
  • redesign my identity package & print out some self-promotion post cards to mail to some small publishing companies & greeting card companies like recycledpapergreeting, hallmark, carlton greeting cards, etc. :>
  • start my new series of illustrations based on the theme 'catch me if i fall'. sort of like when a boyfriend says to his girlfriend, "baby, don't worry, i won't let you fall" sort of thing, but i'll be experimenting with different interpretations.
  • start my own spin on tarot cards, faeries & angels & wings style. ;] got the idea from my Intro to GiC teacher, Taft. he thought some of the illustrations i was doing on my own free time would be fitting in a deck of tarot cards, so i set on starting/possibly finishing my own set to be printed & sold on etsy.com maybe? or is that too ambitious for me? ;] we'll see how ambitious i feel in the coming months. wish me luck.
finally, i'll end this first post of my revamped art blog with this statement:
I'm at least glad to be back home, if only for my dearest Daddy's home-cooked BBQ steak!! mm mm GOOD!