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Monday, October 4, 2010

remnants of summer, picking up fall semester '10

so i haven't really been keeping up, but i'll try my best this semester. pitiful reassurance but whatever. we'll see. anyways. i'll just upload a couple things i've done for computer ill, a couple sketches for my illustration class, etc. nothing too fancy yet. nothing to 'oo' and 'aaah' about. ^^;;
the sushi to the left was made ent
irely in adobe illustrator cs5. it was an assignment to make 3 spot illustrations that all related to one another. so i made sushi. still a lot of errors and things i could fix, but well, it's over & done w/ i'm moving on. :]
this next
one i'm more proud of actually. it was a project assigned to either do a profile illustration of yourself, a friend, or celebrities. i wanted to do an illustration of my bf. but well, from the initial sketch you can kinda see why i didn't do it. did this sketch when i was crazy tired the night before, chose a ri
diculously hilariously bad pic and yup. that's what i get. so i decided to do brandon boyd w/ an octopus on his
head instead. :] fitting,

and now i am working on 3
illustrations based on a character i made up. i took inspiration from
my own dog, Maxwell, threw a jet pack and a space helmet on him, and voila! :3 these are the initial sketches for it. we'll see how this goes. i'll keep you posted. just trying to find may way around photoshop which is so different from
illustrator. vector to pixels. haha.
finally, these are some sketches that i did for m
y first illustration project, 'a slice
of life out of sarasota'. and as corny and cliche as i could be, i did a beach scen
e w/ children playing w/ birds. in retrospect, i should've done something w/ less elements, simplified it more, and just concentrated on doing a mo
re detailed drawing of less. i'm finding that that's the KEY thing to remember this year. all our teachers seem to be spewing that at us. like a mantra: "less is more." blah blah blah. anyways. gotta scan a couple things more. i'll post again when i can.
love, kaye.
p.s. junior year is madd tiring to say the least. -_____-;; i just want to get better immediately, but it doesn't happen that way. can't really cut out the struggle to find oneself, can't cut out the zillions of pages of sketchbook that i feel can't be shown to anyone else, mostly because i'm embarassed that they're not full blown out awesome looking illustrations. poop. oh well. well at least i can't say i've been bored yet this semester. ;]