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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Graphic Design come to Fruitation

Woot! So cool seeing these graphics become super swanky business cards for the local Kissimmee businesses I branded for this past summer. I can't claim the FINAL layout of the CFCSI layout, but I helped in the work in progress designs, not shown here.

Any hoot, that is all. :]
Love, Erica

Holiday Special Dog/Pet Portrait Service

Base pencil drawing, color studies and roughing out charcoal on w/c paper.
1st + 2nd layer of watercolor on w/c paper, WIP-charcoal face/ear, WIP- chest/front le


Final-color, Final-b&w

Hi Panda People,

Been a long time. I got seriously screwed up after the Hurricane Sandy blew over NYC. Not necessarily any property or bodily damage, but really a lot of shuffling around and being here then there then not again. But I've got a bunch of paintings and work I haven't posted that I should've over Oct/Nov and I will be attempting to catch you guys ups this weekend. :]

But for now I am offering a ::SUPER SPECIAL HOLIDAY SERVICE::
And it starts with this cute little poochy, Remy portrait above. I am now offering my illustration service to all pet owners who would love the perfect present for their loved companions. It is not limited to dogs or cats, but the invite is extended to all pets - hamsters, snakes, bunnies, turtles, skunks, you-name-its!

Portraits of frame sizes 8"x10",  8.5"x11", and 11"x14" are going for $100, frame/matt included.

Portraits of frame sizes 12"x14", 16"x20", 11"x 19", and 11"x17" are going for $200, fram/mat included.

And Portraits 18"x24", 16"x20" or bigger are $250+, mainly because buying frames that large are expensive and a pain to ship to you! :O

I offer all medium types: watercolor, prisma colored pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, ink, gouache or any mixture of the above are more than doable. Full blown color or Black and White. 

I would just need a great picture of your pet or a number of pictures of your pet from different, clear angles. If any of you are interested please send me an email at: Ericadechavez@gmail.com or shoot me a message on www.Facebook.com/PandaErica . 

Happy holidays Pandas! That's it for now.

Love, Erica.