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Friday, February 11, 2011

art dump part 3

creature project: part human, slug, venus fly trap, snake.
watercolor, prisma colored pencils, nupastels
watercolor umbrella
greetings from the moon postcard design.
caran d'ache crayons, watercolor
panda with flower id series for my business cards and letterheads.
watercolor, graphite, photoshop cs3.
bibbidi bobbidi graphic tshirt color palette 2
photoshop cs5
me & my dog, maxwell, self portraits
illustrator cs5
illustrator cs5
nu pastels
it's pooky from garfield, hipstered out.
puppy town children's book series
watercolor, caran d'ache crayons
the end. :] well, i think i'm about caught up. til next time!

art dump 2.

part 2 of my art dump! :]

my fairytale story illustration.
watercolor & ink.
cover art for the novel Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
watercolor, paster, caran d'ache crayons, prisma colored pencils
the cover, credits&title page, & 2 interior spreads for the children's story, The End
"Pet Dwagon"
oil on masonite
sculpey dwagon study.

Title: Legend Has It
inspired by Native American moon folklore.
watercolor, prisma colored-pencils, nupastels
My cornwell mastercopy.
oil on illustration board.
that's the end of part 2. even more coming soon!

art dump. as much as possible.

okay so, i'm going to try this again. i haven't been so successful with this in the past, but i just was looking at some awesome blogs lately & i've been inspired. :] so here they are.
pen & ink for adv. media
left: shouting self portrait right: man, pet & machine
africa speaks prehistoric entry. was ardy a man or gorilla?
Corel PainterX romantic panda still life [hand drawn, with photo reference. NOT directly painted on photo :P]
illustrator cs5 sushi icons!
photoshop cs5 pulp fiction cover.
inspired by the red dead redemption promotional pieces
photoshop cs5 character spot illustrations.
space dog maxwell.
relay for life tshirt design.
my fairy tale story illustrations.

alright. so that's part 1 of my art dump from the past year or so. more to come!