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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just a preview

This is in the works, but it's an illustration about a dog getting jumped by clothes thieves! :O

Well, yeah. :3 stay tuned for  more process and final illustration. Oh and also stay tuned for those handmade sketchbooks I keep talking about. :3

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone. :]

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busyyy. @__@;


I'm sorry for the long drought in updating my blog. I've been crazy busy with classes and preparing for the CTN Animation Expo that I'll be attending this weekend in Burbank, California.

But well, all of that aside, I give you. . . . "Monster Feast!"

This piece was a 3 week project in illustration class. The idea was inspired by a story my children's book literature teacher was telling about how some neighborhood in Bradenton was having a lawn decorating competition during the weekend of Halloween. And one of the houses had a great idea of having a Monster feast theme with a dining table set on their lawn with stuffed monsters sitting in chairs eating from bowls and plates filled with human appendages. I thought to myself, "Sweet! I'm going to draw this!" But in a really cute, kid friendly-kind of way. Of course. :]

Here're some detail shots:

Whelp. That's all I have for you this time around. I'll be busy, busy, busy this weekend at the Creative Talent Networking convention in Burbank, getting my portfolio reviewed by the likes of Nickolodeon, Pixar, Disney, Imaginism studios, just to name a few. I'm nervous as shit, but I know that only good will come of it. :] Wish me luck!
Love, Erica. 
P.S.  next post to come. . . the pieces I revised for the portfolio I put together for CTN. anndddd. more illustration work that I finished up. Andddd. . . all of the crazy cool hand made books I made this past summer. So please be excited and check back again for those. ;] Happy turkey day in advance! :3