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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dragons + Faeries + Owls, Oh My?

Brought you guys some patterns and rough character silhouettes. Still want to work into the dragons and owls so that I can use them again. :] I used Illustrator cs3 for these. Took me like a night to poop these out. ^^;; Which explains why they're still underdeveloped.

I'll post those after I've reworked them. Anyways. Back to work. 

Love, Erica

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Senior Self Portraits

 So every illustration senior at Ringling College of Art + Design has to create a self portrait that will be printed on our senior show poster. And I did two versions so far. And I'm thinking of doing another version soon in watercolor and colored pencil. But I did my best attempt at a rendered computer illustration. It still needs more painting into, so I still consider it a work in progress. The second is a vectored version that features my cute, adorable doggy, Maxwell Parrish. I did that one in illustrator and I found it was a lot more fun. ^^;; highly rendering things in photoshop just isn't my natural style it seems. :] go figure. But I still want to work on it. Anyways. Hope you enjoy this extra post for today. Carter's work to come soon. Hopefully I get into the workshop, but there were quite a number of entered portfolios and I saw that a lot of them were awesomely Carter's style. But well, we'll see.
Photshop cs5.
It still need some more opaque flesh tones and highlights in the hair.
Work in Progress.

I like this one way better. I think it describes me a lot more. ^^;;
This is the version that I submitted to be featured on the senior poster. I'm excited. I really want to get a poster when they're printed.
Illustrator cs 3.
Love, Erica.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Midnite Creatures individual posters

Hey all, just posting these so that you can click on each flavor individually and zoom in to read some of the text and details. :]
Here's a bigger picture of my cactus juice design. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full sized wine label design sheet. :D

and Oak.
And I'll just say this, the mock-up did not turn out exactly how I wanted. The colors did not print out opaquely on the mylar I used, but were it to be made by an actual company they'd be able to print it out to full color. But whatever. I'm not a photographer either, but I did my best to take pictures that I think are pretty decent. Maybe I hsould get someone to take some real pictures of my mock up in the future. Until then, please put up with my shoddy photography, please. Thank you. :3

front label


Brand Crest

Back Label

Back label art.

Back Label Brand Description.

Lots more work to come! Some patterns and work I did for Carter's. My Senior Portrait. And some process work from a video game environment concept I'm doing in Adv. Computer Illustration. :] So be sure to come back and check in! 
Love, Erica.

This is a story of two friends...

Hey guys,
I'll be releasing a page or a 2-page spread every two days or so from my senior thesis project, my original story "Lost & Found". So be on the look out for them. :3

It's so much fun seeing what started as a very small idea for a story blossoming into a full-fledged picture book before my very eyes. Now if I could only get it published by a real publishing company. I'm working on it that though. 

Well, 'til next time. 

Love, Erica

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midnite Creatures Wine Label Series

Hello hello! 
I know it's been so long since my last post, but I'll just say that the flood of recruiters, thesis, and the Next Step Career Conference this past weekend really kept me busy and away from posting much of what has been going on. But that being said, I present to you all the fruit of my labor the past 2 weeks in computer illustration class, my series of wine labels.

I had a general idea that I wanted to do a series of labels with different animals and environments on them, but I knew I had to make them sophisticated enough to be slapped on a wine bottle. So I came up with the concept of making my own brand of wine called Midnite Creatures. Each flavor of wine (red, white, pink) would have its own unique flavor that derived from a specific plant/animal relationship. So pink wine would be BAMBOO/panda, white wine is CACTUS/scorpion, and red wine is OAK/owl. After brainstormed a bit I drew out my ideas and put some rough color themes to them with a little bit of karan d'ache crayons. :3

Then I looked up some reference photos.

And even MORE reference photos!

Then I had a rough start on finding a style I wanted to use for the art. I started in photoshop at first, then hated immediately where it was going, scrapped that idea...
and started afresh in illustrator instead! :D & voila! there you have it. :3 Hope you enjoy these, I certainly enjoyed making them. They honestly were really fun. I felt like it was a good break away from all the thesis and recruiter reforming.

Be sure to leave a  comment to let me know  what you guys think of my work. Constructive criticisim   always welcome. Thanks. :3
Love, Erica