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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Process Behind "The Sky Plumber"

Hi Panda Bears,
I've been busy with moving to the tri-state area and a whole bunch of freelance work. :] Overall, I've been pleasantly busy while in my search of a full-time art job. As I've found a bit of free time in the midst of all the chaos, I present to you all the process work that went into my most current personal pursuit: The Sky Plumber.
It all started with this first sketch of a very Mario & Luigi-esque sketchbook doodle. The idea for the sky plumber originally came from a fun bout of cloud watching with my boyfriend. We playfully bounced the idea around of what controlled the rain clouds? We came up with the idea of a "sky plumber".  

Here are the rest of my plumber sketches.

Rough sketches.

Details from the rough sketches captured via Instagram.

Value and color studies.

The original warm/cool color studies pre-final painting.

Color study details via Instagram.

Work in progress photos.

Voodoo tiki hut detail shot.

Final watercolor painting of "The Sky Plumber".

And there you have it! :] Hope you guys enjoy the process. This painting has found a happy home with my past colleague at Ringling College of Art + Design, Robyn Wren, who luckily was the 100th liker to my facebook artist page @ : http://www.facebook.com/PandaErica

Til next time! :3 

Love, Erica.