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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hullo fellow art lovers! Today I bring to you my latest computer illustration excursion. I was given an assignment to redo the packaging/cover art of any game I choose. So in commemoration to one of my favorite board games I played as a child, I chose to redo Milton Bradley's Guess Who? Except instead of doing what's already been done I decided to change the game from a Mystery Face Recognition Game to a Mystery Animal Guessing Game and thus changed the title of the game to Guess ZOO?, which fit more appropriately. I drew inspiration for the style I would approach this project with from looking up cute animal games, especially from this newer aged game called the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game, which can be seen below. So cute. :3 
Guess Zoo? box package art

The face cards (4/30)
The first two cards I did were the penguin and the fox which fit more into the style I used for the cover art. The ladybug and the peacock, were the last two I did and I admit that I rendered them out to the point that they don't fit into the style anymore. So I have to redo those, but I still like them as is. :] As stand alone illustrations at least. 

The background pattern on the box art. I was planning to include more items like the bear and penguin habitats, and each row would have different-styled fences. 

Terrible terrible redo that Hasbro released a couple years back. the vector art is terrible. The original wasn't really that bad, honestly. 
This game, I want it! So cute, so cute! XD

Okie dokies. Til next time folks. Soon to come, the process work for my game concept design project that I finished before this one. 
Love, Erica