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Friday, May 25, 2012


Hi everybody! I know it's been TOO long since my last post, but what with graduating, moving back home with my parents and crazy, frantic job searching and applying and cover letter writing and resume editing, all of that combined with hanging out with the family back here in Kissimmee and catching up with some old, old friends I've been stretching myself pretty thin trying to get everything done and posted up here on my blog. But lo and behold, the fruits of my labor my last semester at Ringling College of Art + Design. TADA!

I cannot reveal to you, my loyal fans, the original manuscript for that is to be witheld from public eyes for the exception of potential interested publishing houses, but I can give you all a short synapsis of the story. :] I originally came up with the idea for this children's book at the end of last summer when I was having a bout of cat-calling across the office of Express' Men's Design department with my fellow co-worker, Mark. We were calling back and forth to one another calling out "Lost?" "Found?" "Loooost!" "Found!" And at the time it was just really funny and cute, but that short dialogue stuck with me and I was able to turn it into a very cute story about friendship. "Lost and Found: A Story of Two Friends" is well just that. It is a story that is directed towards young children around the ages of 6-7, who are just experiencing their first days of schooling, and still trying to make their own friends for the very first time. Lost and Found are two very adorable dogs who, like their owners, are best friends. Lost is a clever Jack Russell Terrier that loves everyone and loves to make friends with other woodland creatures. Found is a very charming Yorkshire Terrier who can sometimes be a bit pushy and a little bossy. But what does a dog do when he loves his friend, but that friend is a total brat who seems to always get his way? "Lost and Found" is a commentary on the dynamics of friendship and how it is a push and a pull, a yin and a yang. It shows children that there has to be a balance of power in a relationship and that you can't always be the "hero".

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of the children's book process. I actually really love to tell stories, short and cute with simple messages. I am not done illustrating all of the pages within my book, but I hope to finish the book by the end of the year at the latest and if by that time it has not been picked up by any of the traditional publishing houses, then I plan on self-publishing on my own. And when that time comes I will surely let you know how and where it will be available for purchase. Along the way though, I shall keep everyone posted on the process of the art and might release some of the final page spread as a bit of a teaser. ;]

Thank you to my family and friends for all of your support these past 4 years spent in art school. I have struggled to find out who I am as an artist and I still don't think I fully know what direction I want to take my art in, but I do know one thing: that is that my passion for children's books has grown from a passing hobby/interest to a full blown love of it all. I love the writing, I love the art, I love the messages it brings to the younger generation. And I love doing it all. I hope that you will continue to follow me on my path to wherever life takes me and that you will come to see the day that I publish my first book. I hope to make you all proud. :D

My corner display area for my thesis project in the Bayou Painting studio 4. I made it a point to include my dog, Maxwell's house, who was the inspiration for the character Lost. He was very sad that he didnt' have a house to sleep in for a week, but I think he got over it. It was for the greater good. ;]

 Half-title and copyrights 2 page spread.

"This is a story of two friends..."

"Lost and Found."


A small portrait of Lost (aka my dog, Maxwell Parrish).

"Lost? Found?"

"A Most Peculiar Creature"

"Mr. Sleepy Head"
A small portrait of Found, inspired by my brother's dog Sawyer in real life.  

"Stray From the Usual Routine"

"The Hero"


More art from "Lost and Found" will be coming soon! Stay tuned! And happy summer everyone! :3

Love, Erica
p.s. All of the art was done in watercolor with a little bit of gouache to touch up a few areas.