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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some new thesis paintings.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Way TOO long. I've been so caught up with preparing a portfolio for Zynga and researching other companies that I'm planning on applying to. But those are all just excuses. :] So to make up for it, I present to you guys some process work and some final paintings for my thesis, Lost & Found.

These were done all in watercolor on 140lb Fluid watercolor paper. These are the final colors for pgs 2-7. 

Final b&w color script with text. 
Final storyboards.

Final storyboard color studies. After many changes I decided to keep the overall scheme in the analogous yellow-orange to yellow green w/ the cools kept to the main characters. I've chosen the interior spaces and the sunset/night time scenes as my opportunities to introduce some cooler more thematic color schemes.

Here are the final b&w drawings for the above paintings.

I've been spending so much time worrying over what will become of me after I graduate and where I'll end up. But I've decided that it's useless to spend my time worrying whether I'm good enough to get in to this company and that. It's really just time to create art with full force and just apply to everywhere. I'm confident there's somebody out there who will see something in my artwork and would be happy to have me join them in their efforts in creating awesome artwork together. 

My plans to paint all of the total 32 pages of my book in order to print out my book in full color through blurb.com has been toned down a little more in consideration of the fact that I had to put a lot of my efforts into creating portfolios for Zynga. I was a little blind-sighted, I will admit by my passion for publishing my first book and getting out there for the whole world to see, instead of focusing on how I would get a job and what I would do as soon as I graduated for money. Instead of focusing on companies and narrowing down my art to be geared towards a specific job I just focused on doing what I was passionate about, writing and illustrating my own children's book. But well, I'm trying to make up for lost time and I have determined that I will try to focus my artwork towards the growing smaller studios in California that are developing Ipad Game apps. And in doing so I am hoping that I will find friends and pick up the knowledge and skills on how to turn my own book into an interactive ebook. And so that will be my cause. 

It's only after I stopped to focus on the immediate future and the fear of not finding work that I had to narrow my efforts into a plan on job searching. So my thesis and children's book will be put on the back burners and will come secondary for now. But it will always be on my mind, and I will always be working towards making it better. I'm just saying that I don't think it will all come as immediately as I first thought it would be. So I will be settling for doing 6-8  two-page spreads and as many one page paintings I can create before April 18. And then I will composite my color paintings along with the remaining b&w drawings into one cohesive book and have that printed out for my thesis. It's the best I can do & I will try my best to get everything done on time, along with building more portfolio pieces in my computer illustration class. 

So until next time. :] I feel much better now that I've written all of this down. It's like writing up a contract with myself so that I can't back down now. :] More work to come!! SOON! some computer illustration stuff as soon as I rework some things. :] 

Love, Erica.