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Friday, December 7, 2012

INCURSION Works in Progress

 Hello Enthusiastic Panda Lovers!
Any hoot, I'm happy to present to you my final revised thumbnails for my INCURSION paintings. I'm shooting for 8 in total. I shoot high for the moon lest I fall among the stars. They will be a series of paintings that are about a Princess who is tired of her daily routine, and her tailored/guarded surroundings, so she goes in search of her own adventures and meets new friends and a new way of living.
The first painting's final pencil drawing. Got excited over lighting due to my purchase of a giant new kneaded eraser and new set of graphite pencils. :]

Til next post. Look forward to the next drawings in the series and for color studies. :] Also look for some upcoming color studies and work in progress shots for the new dog portrait I'm starting. 

Love, Erica

Monday, December 3, 2012

INCURSION into Another World: Gallery Show Poster

Preliminary thumbnail sketches (left) and revised thumbnail sketches (right).

2nd round of thumbnail sketches for the decided pandora's box concept.
Panned out view (left), worm's eye view (center), bird's eye view (right) and labels for bird's eye view (below). You can tell the last view was fail since I had to tell not show the viewer what was going on. Haha. But I wanted to see if I could try to capture that view anyways. It was hard to convey, needless to say.

Visual development sketches of objects/symbolism I wanted to specify in the drawing. Dragons to capture the yang (darkness) of a new world; lanterns to be the yin (light) of the world quite literally; the cherry blossom tree to ground the piece back to earth but is a symbol of duality of it's also likeness to clouds (the sky) along with its association with the tree of life and death itself; the kites to symbolize flight and exploration of a new world; the butterflies again bringing death but also encouraging symbols of accepting change gracefully; floating lanterns symbolizing celebration of life; and the tree banners symbolizing celebration as well. 
All these symbolic icons were chosen to illustrate a balance of good/bad, light/dark that comes in every world. I wanted to illustrate the essence of Incursion and encourage viewers to explore the new world gracefully and with courage. 
The word INCURSION itself meaning a sudden, brief and aggressive entering into a new territory or world. 
In progress (left) and final color studies (right).

Work-In-Progress of the tree.
WIP of the dragon and plane and inverting some values to explore the possibilities of lighting in the piece.
WIP adding in the boxes, lanterns, kites and butterflies.

Detail shots of the Dragon tail (top left), Dragon head (top right) and a fan service panty shot (bottom center).

Greeting Night/Early Morning Pandas,

So this is the process work for the poster design of INCURSION a gallery show that will be showing at City Arts Factory. I'm going to have a few series pieces in the show myself and will have a few friends from the area of Orlando showcasing as well. Please come out to see the show as it will be open for a whole month from Jan 17-Feb 15 and it is totally FREE. Opening night will be amazing, all the featured artists will be there, food, and fun! Also we will be selling extra prints of the poster opening night as well, so come get an autographed copy of it while supplies last! 

Spread the word fellow Floridian Pandas and I'll see you there come January 17. I'm so excited! :D 
Come back soon to my blog for some preview WIP of my pieces that will be in the show this whole next month leading up to the opening of the show. 

Love, Erica
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