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Sunday, March 3, 2013

On My Way Home collaboration project

Hey up ahead. I wonder if you knew
I’d see you. Through an aperture of heart,
And shutter in her mind, the both of you.
I’d see you leave, and say goodnight, then start
A ripple in the shadows as you walked,
And slough away a still-warm crust of night,
As bits of skin. She followed, while you talked
Of nothing, this or that, she hungered. Light
Was all you gave her. Gath’ring it with greed,
Collecting it from sidewalk crack, and star,
For just a while she satisfied a need
And captured you, then slept. And here you are,
A bit ahead, and just beyond the light,
Forever walking home that winter night.

Painting Before Bed written by Christian Hege
"On My Way Home" illustrated by Panda Erica (yours truly)

Hey Panda People,

I'm reposting this small 2"x2" watercolor sketch I did a few weeks ago of a cute couple I saw walking on my way back home. A lovely sonnet has been written to accompany it written by my new friend, Christian, whom I met at the SCBWI winter conference in early February. I hope to collaborate on fun little projects like this with him again in the future. Well written text just goes so well with a well placed illustration. Don't you think so? :]

Love, Erica

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maladventures Without Heat

This past week we've been without heat and hot water. It's been fairly chilly here in NYC, could be worse. . . but it's been tough. 

I feel like it all started with the radiator in  my room. And me desperately trying to fight off these nose bleeds I've been having due to the stuffiness of my little room and this massively HOT radiator chugging away, basically BAKING me in my sleep. I've been waking up with nose bleeds and dry skin around my eyes this past month. I never get nosebleeds. EVER. (But that may be due in part because I was born and raised in sunny, warm, moist Florida.)

So I've literally only taken 2 showers this whole week. Not TOO bad in normal circumstances. You can get away with bad hygiene habits as long as you have strong deodorant and nice perfume. Plus it's winter, you're bundled up anyways, no need to shave. (Heehee.) 
But these baths consist of me boiling a large pot of water and then commencing to use a small pail to wash my hair and very QUICKLY rinse my body with. 

And to make the week more uncomfortable and unbearable, our microwave decided to stop working. . .
Thus having to heat up leftovers on the stovetop. . . 

But thankfully God said that we could have heat again. And so there was heat. I just had the MOST blissful shower I have ever had. Word to the wise, don't complain about having HEAT in the winter time. God spurns you. Lesson learned. 


Love, Erica
ps. Maybe I'll come back to these and color them up? Possibly.