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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jesus In India

Hi Panda People,

I watched an off broadway theater production of Jesus In India last week with an old friend. The production was put on by Mayi Theater Company NYC and it was at the St. Clement's Church. I haven't gone to see a semi musical indie theatre production since I was in high school. I used to be an active theater goer as my high school and many of my friends were amazing actors/singers/actresses/comedians/etc. The actors were amazing, the writing/dialogue was witty and HILARIOUS. 

I'll give you a short narrated synapsis of the production. The play covers the years of Jesus' life that are not captured in the bible. So after he goes to the temple as a kid and proclaims God to be his dad but BEFORE he starts performing any miracles. So he's roughly in his adolescent to early 20's years.:
Jesus runs away with a girl named Abigail. They get mad at each other and JEsus takes the camel and leaves Abigail in the desert. He meets GoPal and they talk about doing things and seeing the world and shit.

Abigail gets picked up by one of Jesus' new friends' slave, Mehari. Abigail mistakes Mehari for Mother Mary whom she had been writing back to about her and Jesus' whereabouts back in Galilee. 

Jesus and Mehari have a "thing" going on and Mehari gets pregnant. Jesus and his new friends GoPal and Sushil made a band and traveled all around India. They just had their best show ever but Mehari tells Jesus she's prego. So he leaves the band.  

Jesus and friends commence to hug. GoPal is really sad he has to go back to his family's farm to be a mungbean farmer. Sushil is sad because he doesn't know how to run his country. 

Abigail comes back to find Jesus after the birth of Jesus' son's birth and helps to convince Jesus to return back to Galilee with her. Jesus sings a sad song and leaves his family of friends behind. 

Jesus goes on to be the Jesus we know him to be. 

The END. 

And Goodnight!
Love, Erica

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vampire Love. It's Complicated.

Good Evening/Early Morning Pandas,

Just had a HUGE itch to do some The Vampire Diaries fanart after watching last week's episode "Down the Rabbit Hole". Yes. I will admit to being a HUGE fan of the show; I'm addicted. I eat up the hot vampire eternal teenager romance drama. 

Well, any hoot, hope you enjoy. :] I included a sneak of the next Vampire Diaries romance illustration I want to do. Stay tuned for that one coming out soon!

Have a good night/day,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Painting Before Bed

On my way home tonight I saw a really cute couple holding hands.
A 2"x2" watercolor sketch before bedtime. :] 
Love, ERica

Sketch Dump from my outting with Caroline Hadilaksono

Hi! Late Sunday evening for posting. I just wanted to blog these sketches I did today while hanging out w/ my new friend I met through the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrator's winter con this past 2 weeks ago (which I am still intending to post my sketchbook notes from! Look forward to them soon as I get them colored!) I did some sketching in the subway, some doodling thoughts from the bathroom at Books of Wonder, and some kids sketches and quick watercolors from Strand Bookstore and Books of Wonder. hope you enjoy. These are the only pages I was willing to show. :] Some good, some bad, some just existing in my sketchbooks. 

Til next post! I'm working on some new illustrations about animals and plants and anatomy and got some Vampire Diaries fanart coming too! And some old character designs that are in the process of being colored! Lots to do and see coming soon. :]

Happy President's Day Weekend everyone! Hope you all had fun. 

Love, Erica.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Pandas! I didn't do much for Valentine's Day today as my bf is in NJ and I had already spent a lovely weekend with him and his family for his bday and Chinese New Year's already. But we were watching some movies today on Netflix and the interwebs and I was inspired to create this little Valentines Day watercolor based on a scene/song from the Japanese film "Time Traveler", which is the sequel to the Japanese anime, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time". Both of which are great. They are both down to earth, bittersweet, and have sad yet hopeful endings. Check them out if you have the time. 

And I hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day this year!

Love, Erica