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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

REPOST: Some old, some new! oh & some really new!

Herro again,

I've got so much to share with you guys this time around, I'm afraid that next time I won't have anything exciting to share with you. :{ hehe. But I suppose I'll worry about that when the time comes. Anyhoots, new illustration project done! This sculpture was inspired by my friendly, curious, and troublesome dog, Maxwell (to the right). He may not look like much, but he can become quite the handful.

I call it "The Hamburglar".
The story behind this sculpture revolves around this little girl who yearns for truth, justice, and any opportunity to show off her ultra cool laser gun! She fights evil with her crazy, cool glasses, always-ready-to-stomp-some-face combat boots, and her trusty laser blaster gun. In this moment in time, she is simply hounding down the culprit who stole her hamburger. That nasty fiend, who does that raccoon think he is? I had a whole bunch of fun coming up with the concept for this piece. It was done in 2 weeks time. I hope to do many, many more sculptures in the future. Especially now that I got myself a trusty, extra-handy Sculpey clay conditioner! YAY!


A collection of butts, breasts, chairs, wigs, hats, and all that goes in between. :]

Some heads from my 30 heads assignment from Pratt's ill class last fall. The subjects include, but are not limited to: Paolo Carcamo, Deshe Reynolds, Ashley Rivera, Tarrah Belcher, Dillon Endico, and Izzy Ishmael.

This is a work in progress, started early this past summer, but never had the opportunity to finish. It's a wedding portrait of my parents in oil. I had to stop suddenly on this painting due to the happenings of finding an internship in faraway New York City this summer. I plan to finish this baby up over winter break. :]

The process work for an in progress illustration that I based a little bit on Alice in Wonderland's tea party, but less psychodelic and more children costume play pretend. It's been turned in for critique already, and I'm in the process of finishing it up. I'll post more on that later. :]

Til next time.
Love, Erica.